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Re: DLC for Asuras wrath (Xbox360 version/Xenia)

Posted by Cyrrouss on .
Hi, extra content stuff (like DLCs, bonuses, etc...) is sometimes bundled in a GOTY, ultimate, or complete edition variant of a given game...

Sometimes the whole content is contained into a single disc, sometimes it sits on a second disc (or more)...

You should seek for this variants (GOTY, ultimate)... Which is preferable than messing with extra files... But beware, Xenia doesn't play nice all the time with multi disc games... Expect issues to happen...

In reply to: DLC for Asuras wrath (Xbox360 version/Xenia) posted by Lance UwU on .
Hi, i'm sorry if the question has already been asked (i haven't found it in the message board)
I am wondering if the DLC episodes of Asuras wrath are on the Rom that i downloaded here on this website. (

If Yes: How do i access them? I played the first three seasons (Including true Episode 18) and nothing appeared on that matter.

If No: Is there a way to add them or can they be downloaded somewhere here or elsewhere?

Re: DLC for Asuras wrath (Xbox360 version/Xenia)
Cyrrouss -- 5/20/2023 5:33 pm UTC
Re: DLC for Asuras wrath (Xbox360 version/Xenia)
Lance UwU -- 5/13/2023 8:05 am UTC