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Re: Final Fantasy XIII USA

Posted by crossfader on .
This is an update, just took my ps3 slim from storage. Dumped my copy of Final Fantasy XIII that I bought here in Canada with serial BLUS30416F, and it got dumped with serial MRTC00003. Tried to add it to RPCS3 and I got the same error I keep getting with the one I downloaded from the Vault, it crashes near the end when Linking PPU modules.
So i think the Vault copy of FFXIII is fine, so please ignore my previous statement since I don't know how to delete old messages.
Now that I have the PS3 out, I'll try to upload a few games the vault does not have, Wangan Midnight and Initial D: Extreme Stage. I already dumped Wangan Midnight, but it is as a ps3 folder and not as an iso, will do the iso later and upload it sometime this week.

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The one available is not the USA version but the European version MRTC00003, also seems to be corrupted. I do own the disk of the USA version but was too lazy to dump it.

Just thought I would let everyone know.