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Can someone give me a hand? :D

Posted by TronBronson on .
Hello! Thank you for coming! I want to play "Ninja: Shadow of Darkness" on PS1. I successfully played it on epsxe probably a decade ago or so. The thing is, the game cannot be played in its current state on any emulator with the files given from any website. Even back then, it black screens and freezes at the first boss. It still happens today with duckstation, epsxe, and pcsx. Back in the day, it had to be converted to ISO and mounted which made it work fine. My question is, does anybody know another workaround? The software I used to use now has a bad reputation for forcefully installing adware and browser extensions. I tried another software and it won't convert saying the files are corrupted but that shouldn't be the case. So in today's modern scene, can anyone help me out on combining all of the bin tracks, converting to ISO, and a software to mount them? Love this game and would greatly appreciate being able to play again!

Re: Can someone give me a hand? :D
diddydongXD -- 5/19/2023 2:11 pm UTC
Re: Can someone give me a hand? :D
Tronbronson -- 5/19/2023 6:05 pm UTC
Re: Can someone give me a hand? :D
bunkeyscow -- 5/26/2023 2:16 am UTC
Re: Can someone give me a hand? :D
TronBronson -- 5/28/2023 1:58 pm UTC