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Re: Cemu DLC

Posted by Cyrrouss on .
Hi... You should use at least version 1.27 of cemu and package all the extra content with the base game all together in a wua file...

Use Wii U USB Helper, choose your game, download it... And choose auto extract the game when downloading is finished... Then go into the title manager of cemu and select a game in the list (base game preferably) and right click and choose "Convert to Wii U compressed archive (.wua)".

The utility will auto detect extra content for the game and you'll have one neat file that'll contain everything... Keep this file preciously...

Beware, Nintendo servers won't stay indefinitely online... People interested in Wii U emulation should consider doing this rather soon than later...

In reply to: Cemu DLC posted by ZigsL on .
I know it is not on here yet but how do I add the DLC for something like Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Wii U onto the Cemu emulator on my PC?