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Re: Reccomandations for a PS1 emulator besides Duc

Posted by TronBronson on .
PCXR. Or EPSXE if you for some reason can't figure out how to get that to work. Thing with epsxe specifically is it is likely you will need to download and play with different audio and video plugins to reduce stuttering/audio playing some of the same sounds and music notes twice.

In reply to: Reccomandations for a PS1 emulator besides Duck posted by Popofun on .

Recently I got inspired to try Metal Gear Solid because of a friend.
Firstly I tried the game on my Wii which is unplayble.Wii and/or WIISX at fault.
Secondly I went with the Duckstation emu on the family's PC as is listed in the emulation vault but it does not work.:/
I got the d3dcompiler_47 error,fixed that,then 0xc000007b,after which I got stuck because there is nothing really I can do.Cannot update.
(I use a Packard Bell of some sorts,Dual Core Turion - Windows 7)
So onto another emu it is.

Please someone suggest to me an emulator besides Duckstation that is the best I can have for my lappy and could *actually* play Metal Gear Solid well enough.