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Re: How to change disks on duckstation

Posted by TronBronson on .
you can select change disc from the quick menu which can be brought up in game. You can bind it to a hotkey in the duckstation settings. On mine for example I have it bound to R3 since ps1 didn't often use R3. I also have toggle turbo bound to L3. For slow turn based games like that one which i don't have the patience for all of the slow repetitive animations like the enemies atracking, victory cutscenes..

In reply to: How to change disks on duckstation posted by Enderwiggin on .
I'm playing legend of dragoon, when I get to where you change disk, my hotkey for it doesn't work. I can't do anything from that point. The save for right before the disk change doesn't register if I boot up disk two (It also doesn't see any save file if I boot up disk 2). Any ideas?