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Re: Can someone give me a hand? :D

Posted by bunkeyscow on .
try alcohol 120 for your mounts instead of demon tools

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Hello, and thanks! Unfortunately daemon tools is the program that now has a bad reputation. I was up all night trying to figure this out. I ended up combining the bins and converting it to ISO just to find that pcsxr doesn't recognize it as a ps1 game and i don't even think you can play mounted games on duckstation. So, i saved the copy of the ISO but i also found a patch that claims to fix it. I applied it to my newly combined bin file and am going to test it now with duckstation. If it works, sweet! If not, i will revert to installing and configuring epsxe so that i can play the mounted ISO.

Re: Can someone give me a hand? :D
TronBronson -- 5/28/2023 1:58 pm UTC