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Re: this site is extremely slow for no reason

Posted by Scraggler on .
I've posted this elsewhere on this site and now I'm posting it here. Take just 1 minute and Google a solution to this instead of whining and complaining. If you're too lazy to do that, here's the solution: get a download manager and VPN for this site. I can download a 2GB game from here in 4 minutes and I get about 6MB/sec. No one wants to hear you complain about how slow the site is. There are ways around it if you bothered to research it.

In reply to: this site is extremely slow for no reason posted by faroutchick on .
This whole thing you got going on here isn't really working.

You're the last trustworthy source for the wares made available through your site.

Ever since emuparadise, people have flocked here and you have limited download speeds to compensate for the increase in traffic. Bad idea.

People have come forth over the last couple years and offered to make donations to allow for more bandwidth. You ignore them. Bad idea.

If you really care about what you have here then you will listen to them and implement those changes.

You have downloads capped at 700/800 kb/s when the site has heavy traffic. That's not practical for anyone. A 300mb takes 20 minutes in the year 2023?

Get with the times and let people give you money so the rest of us don't have to have our computers on all day just to download a few files.