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Get Manuals on PS4

Posted by Ch_Roach on .
Hi everyone!
Im new here, but im very awsome to see this wonderful work.

Ok, i discovered a way to get manuals on PS4, its very simple, you need to have a game of PS2 (maybe PS1 works too) and to do that you need to have PS Plus or having buyed it.

The second step is do "screen capture" of all the pages there are on the virtual manual, (all the manuals i've seen have differents languages) and this photos will be at 4K.

The third step is transfer this archives to your computer and with your favorite editor create the pages, because in virtual page 1 is with 2 but in the real manuals, page 1 is with the final page, you know?

The final step is create the manual with all this archives on pdf and share with all of us.

I hope this post will be interesting for someone.