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Re: Error while unzipping Wii games

Posted by Rin Tohsaka on .
I just tried extracting Sonic Colors and it worked without issue with both Linux Mint's default extractor as well as 7-Zip portable v22.01 (albeit running via Wine v8.13, but hey it worked)

Are you sure your download itself didn't bork out somewhere in the middle but it kept actually downloading? Thing is, that would also result in a corrupted archive that would similarly result in it failing to extract.

Alternatively, there's the angle that the download is actually fine and there's something wrong on your PC's side of things, like not enough disk space to extract the game, or failing RAM that is causing corrupted data whenever running something that needs a moderate amount of RAM (in this case extracting a large 7z archive).

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My internet is kind of slow so I can't quickly look for myself...

But for the time being, since all of the Wii games are now available in RVZ format as well, you can try downloading that and then converting it to either uncompressed ISO (via Dolphin) or to wbfs yourself.

Re: Error while unzipping Wii games
Wyrnat -- 8/7/2023 11:04 pm UTC
Re: Error while unzipping Wii games
Rin Tohsaka -- 8/8/2023 7:25 pm UTC