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Re: Error while unzipping Wii games

Posted by Rin Tohsaka on .
That being said, it wouldn't at least be particularly painful to quickly confirm the RAM as it can happen on newer PCs as well as older ones (it's usually those in the middle that are the safest since it's not a "bad batch" that warranty is meant for and isn't old enough to have "worn out").

Simply put, the longer you let the test run, the more assured you can be that your RAM isn't problematic (that being said, I've always had errors show up before the 5th pass)

The easiest way to do this is to just use the memtest86+ live ISO (the version with GRUB is the most compatible, though I suppose the Windows installer works too):

With the ISO versions, I highly recommend using Ventoy if you don't already know about that since it also works with Linux ISOs and the like:

In reply to: Re: Error while unzipping Wii games posted by Wyrnat on .
Thank you very much for testing.
As it worked for you, at least I know now something is wrong with me. RAM should not be the problem as I was trying to extract it also on a quite modern Windows Computer. So either I had problems with downloading or with the saving in the hard drive.
My internet connection ist not really stable, I often loose connection but the download always continued without visible complications.
I downloaded it with a Linux Mint machine onto a msdos formatted 256G USB Stick,maybe this was not a sane decision.

Long story short, I will repeat the downloads with a different Computer and into a different hard drive.

Again, thank you very much, I already feared all the good old games are lost forever.