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Re: Download Queues?

Posted by KingofHugs on .
But it would only be one at a time, since that's what the website allows. It'd be the same as if I were sitting at my desk, manually downloading them in succession, the only difference being it would start then next automatically, without me having to be present. And it wouldn't be the entire library for me anyway, just a few handpicked titles. I was just curious if it'd be possible. There may be a third party service that does this already, I just wanted to check if it'd be possible to get the same effect without having to use other resources.
Thank you for your answer though.

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I believe the reason Vimm isn't going to do this is because of how straining that would be on servers, imagine if 20 people at once were downloading the entire ps3 library, it would slow down thw wwhole website

Re: Download Queues?
Gerrie -- 8/22/2023 2:13 am UTC