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Re: Finding PS2 roms (7z) Is not archive Games.

Posted by QwerkyPengwen on .
I only tested with Dino Stalker just now (because it is the smallest size so quickest to download) and I can open the archive using 7zip software just fine and extract the ISO just fine, and also browse the contents of the ISO with 7zip just fine.

Perhaps the archive got corrupted during download on your end or the ISO didn't extract properly.
Try using a different browser for downloading.

If downloading to your C: drive, don't download to a write protected location (stick to Downloads folder for example)

When extracting, also try to extract to a safe location in the drive (like Downloads folder)

If you have third party anti virus (not defender) make sure it is not interfering with the either the archive or the extraction process.

If not using 7zip software downloaded from, then that is the software you need to be using, not some other software.

In reply to: Finding PS2 roms (7z) Is not archive Games. posted by SilveryWolf on .
So for some time now, I have been picking up on your roms. Love your work which is why I keep going. So with that in mind, I have found a list of PS2 roms or in this case iso's that cannot open via 7z is not archive. Am I doing something wrong?

The Da Vinci Code, Devil May Cry, Dino Stalker, Dark Cloud 2

Re: Finding PS2 roms (7z) Is not archive Games.
SILVERYWOLF -- 9/4/2023 2:14 am UTC