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Re: Help with DLC in PS3 games.

Posted by QwerkyPengwen on .
You have to find DLC from elsewhere because almost all of it requires some sort of crack/patch file to go with. If you are lucky someone rips the rap files to share for it and shares them via Nopaystation, PSNDL (currently not working cuz reasons), or you get the DLC installer with a patch for it bundled up and shared via the page for the game on dlpsgame website (mileage caries whether or not the DLC installs and the patch works properly on a real PS3 vs RCPS3. It's kind of back and forth tbh)

So to summarize: (for DLC + Rap files) (Same as above. currently down but check back every so often) (for patched DLC installers)

Please note that while a lot of PSN download content can be had from the first two, whether or not any of the necessary rap file are provided with it is another story.
There's also this whole thing with RIF files as well.

To put it plainly, it's a bit of a mess and nowhere near convenient to pirate DLC for PS3 games.

There can be an easier time had on physical hardware as there have been some homebrew that have come out that can attempt to patch digital content using a secondary local PS account that has the homebrew stuff setup for it for the patching process to then be able to load and play content using a normal local account. it's weird.

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can i ask for links of DLC here for PS3 games?