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Re: Questions on What can be Uploaded

Posted by p0k3mon_master0 on .
can i upload those small books of my ds games, like animal crossing wild world. those books that you find in the case of the game cartridge, and if i can, how to?, just scan with a printer or more complicated?

In reply to: Questions on What can be Uploaded posted by Amurei on .
Hello, I have a good stack of manuals I'll be scanning and uploading, but I had a couple questions.
1. For Assassin's Creed Brotherhood the "Manual" is only a trifold pamphlet of the warnings, technical support, etc. BUT it came with a separate, larger map with a signed artwork on the back. Would this be acceptable to upload?
2. I have the game manual for The Last Story as well as the mini art book that was released with the European collector's edition release. Would I be allowed to include the mini artbook with it? I've looked for a pdf of it in the past without luck (though my searching skills aren't the best lol) and I;d love to try nd preserve it some way since there aren't a lot of them out there. If there's a better place to upload it can you let me know?
3. I'll be uploading everything pretty high quality, so are there any file size limits I should be aware of before scanning?