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Re: Xemu "Guest has not initialized the display" i

Posted by joezuv on .
An update: After more tinkering, I have found that if I exit fullscreen directly after loading up the emulator, then load the disc, and then press reset... then the games will load. I can then enter fullscreen and everything from the games to the emulator seem to work perfectly. But if I try any of this is in full screen initially, then the issues mentioned in the original post persist. Lol so quirky to me. Maybe I'm just ignorant. If anyone "in the know" reads this and responds, am I missing something? Or is this sort of thing "the way she goes?"

In reply to: Xemu "Guest has not initialized the display" issue posted by joezuv on .
I get this message when I try to load a disc: "Guest has not initialized the display (yet)." Then the emulator crashes, where I then have to use the task manager to close it. Then when I open up the folder where the emulator is stored there is another version of xemu (previous). I have deleted and reinstalled countless times. ... Everything I've read online says that it's probably the Bios, and all of the system files that were recommended are the ones that I currently have, which I downloaded off of here. Strangely, I got it to work a single time without doing anything different, but when I exited from full screen it crashed and repeated the issue. Also, when I try to direct the emulator to the system files (clicking on MCPX Boot ROM/Flash ROM, and Hard Disk) the emulator freezes. Also when I bring up the task manager after the emulator has frozen, I can then go back into the emulator where it is no longer frozen, until I again try to click on the system files or load up a disc. Lol this is insanely frustrating and I am at a complete loss. I have no idea, so if anyone out there would be gracious enough to help me out then I would greatly appreciate it.