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Re: Super Mario Advance 4 Wii U E Reader levels

Posted by Digifiend on .
Yes, Virtual Console SMA4 does indeed have all the e-reader levels. In fact, the other versions cannot include them all even if you collected all the cards, Nintendo had to remove the limit (which was probably only for cartridge space reasons anyway) when making the Virtual Console version of the rom.

If you're planning to use RetroAchievements with it, you'd need the VC rom for the e-Reader levels and a different one for the base game, due to how the achievement sets work.

In reply to: Super Mario Advance 4 Wii U E Reader levels posted by DolphinCube on .
Hello! So I was just a bit curious if the rom for SMA4 on here (specificly the Wii U VC version). Has the E Reader levels in the ROM. If they are not there. Where can I get em? I was hoping to play those levels (as possibly stick to luigi or something I dunno)