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Non-console/non-handheld historical games

Posted by ZekeDunbar51-11 on .
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I'm looking for the PC versions of Spider-Man 2 and Terminator: War of the Machines.

These games were unique versions that were exclusive to PC with completely different gameplay than the console and handheld counterparts. These games weren't ever on Steam, and trying to find downloads of them that don't have viruses is nigh-impossible.

I'm also wondering if phone games could make it on here as well. We all know what happened to the original Kingdom Hearts coded and Final Fantasy 7: Before Crisis. In particular i'm looking for Dead Space Mobile and Mass Effect: Infiltrator, as downloads of these are quickly disappearing off of the face of the earth and they could end up the same way. Some of the GameLoft or Java phone games would be nice too.

What's the feasibility of having games like this on here? Yeah, technically there's a rule about not having games on here for platforms still in production, but mobile and pc will ALWAYS exist, the games in question are so old and are abandonware, I doubt there would ever be legal trouble that would happen because of this. Not to mention the pc specs and mobile devices most of these games were made for are basically depreciated anyways.

Re: Non-console/non-handheld historical games
Cjc19901 -- 11/13/2023 7:49 pm UTC