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Re: Who is Hacxx Underground?

Posted by hacxx on .
Hacxx-underground, a GitHub and Telegram repository that hosts hacxx exclusive programs, scripts, combos, configs, proxies, databases, exploits, and more. Some of the files available are Hacxx Network Search V1, a tool that allows users to search for hacxx-related content on the web, and Wifi Hotspot Hacker V2, a program that can do multiple tasks with WiFi networks, such as cracking passwords, spoofing MAC addresses, and creating fake hotspots.

Hacxx-underground claims to be the “ultimate underground hacking community”.

Hacxx-underground may contain unethical, or harmful content that could compromise your security and privacy.
Use them at your own risk.

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Hacxx Underground is a group of hackers and programmers who share their files, tools, and knowledge on GitHub and Telegram. They upload files such as accounts, combos, configs, and more for various purposes. They also have a file finder service that allows users to search for files in their directory. They are not affiliated with any official organization or company.