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Re: Who is Hacxx Underground?

Posted by PabloEmilio on .
A wannabe pseudo-hacker who doesn't have a life, that's why is here all day long posting garbage nobody has ask for.

This kind of people needs to be banned.

In reply to: Who is Hacxx Underground? posted by hacxx on .
Hacxx Underground is a group of hackers and programmers who share their files, tools, and knowledge on GitHub and Telegram. They upload files such as accounts, combos, configs, and more for various purposes. They also have a file finder service that allows users to search for files in their directory. They are not affiliated with any official organization or company.

Re: Who is Hacxx Underground?
hacxx -- 12/7/2023 4:06 pm UTC
Re: Who is Hacxx Underground?
hacxx -- 12/6/2023 12:58 am UTC