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played et finally

Posted by zomboy on .
i played other 2600 games first to get a frame of reference for the quality of games for the time and tbh while ET was a let down i didnt feel as bad as everyone seemed to feel back then. maybe cuz i didnt have to spend top dollar for it like they did or in the modern age im used to seeing industry let-downs all the time.

once the preconceived bias of not liking the game cuz everyone else hated it wore off i actually found the game to only be annoying, after all it still functions more than big rigs and i was able to complete it. after reading the games manual it was just easy. get 3 phone parts, avoid gmen, find phone spot and get to the ship zone and also dont mindlessly wander around since your energy drains as you walk.

annoying to get used to, too easy to play and not much there for replay value but at the same time not controller-throwin bad. at least when compared to what we deal with nowadays

"*loud screaming*"