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Re: Halo 2 xbox standard edition manual missing

Posted by OpossumFrisk on .
another question: it seems there are pdfs of the halo series manuals available to download from microsoft directly. (which seem to be the original images used to pint the manuals, not a scan of a physical manual)

In general, is it okay to upload something like that (converted to a bunch of pngs of course) instead of our own scan of the physical manual?

Obviously it would be prudent to make sure there isn't any differences between the physical manual and the one officially available online.

Is this maybe a situation where both should be made available if possible? (here on this archive, obviously in general both should be)

In reply to: Halo 2 xbox standard edition manual missing posted by OpossumFrisk on .
So i had noticed the cover for the halo 2 (xbox) manual on the archive was different than mine (mine has master chief, this one has the arbiter) and as it turns out, the manual on the archive is from the limited collector's edition of halo 2

the manual on the archive:

There is 2 listing for halo 2, ( ) but the newer listing has nothing there.

My copy of the standard manual is slightly damaged (mostly the front cover is missing the bottom left corner) but it's still something.

If I do end up uploading a scan of the standard edition manual, will that be able to be handled on the backend fine? ie not just replacing the scan from '06?

Also if anyone else has the standard edition manual, please feel free to snipe me on it, mine is not ideal, and i don't have a scanner at the moment anyways (planning on trying to use a phone app)

Re: Halo 2 xbox standard edition manual missing
OpossumFrisk -- 1/13/2024 9:10 am UTC