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Re: Halo 2 xbox standard edition manual missing

Posted by OpossumFrisk on .
well it seems i have an answer now, the best dpi i can get from converting those official pdfs to pngs is apparently 150. (and obviously i can't upload that) So, as it stands the normal halo 2 manual is still not on the archive, just the limited collector's edition, and the "conversations from the universe" piece

In reply to: Re: Halo 2 xbox standard edition manual missing posted by OpossumFrisk on .
another question: it seems there are pdfs of the halo series manuals available to download from microsoft directly. (which seem to be the original images used to pint the manuals, not a scan of a physical manual)

In general, is it okay to upload something like that (converted to a bunch of pngs of course) instead of our own scan of the physical manual?

Obviously it would be prudent to make sure there isn't any differences between the physical manual and the one officially available online.

Is this maybe a situation where both should be made available if possible? (here on this archive, obviously in general both should be)