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Physical collector question, regarding burning ISO

Posted by LaSamourai on .
Hello everyone!
New to these forums, and thankful to anyone who responds. This question mainly regards PS1-PS2 games, which are more subject to Disc rot as opposed to PS3 games onward (which come with the scratch resistant durability of Blu-Ray/4K Discs, and therefore worry me less about buying physically).

I recently became aware, via another website, it is possible to burn .ISO files to playable discs. This is a welcome surprise, since I do like to actually have a visible library of games on my shelf (same with films, which I buy Blu-Ray/4K to give my collection lasting scratch resistant durability). This is also more optimal to me than just storing them on Harddrives or USBs to plug into monitors, since those can fail and become unreadable over time (unlike Sony Discs), giving my physical library better longevity.

I'm aware 6th-gen game discs are subject to rot, and many now only exist as preserved .ISO files because of this. I'm also aware PS2 files can be read by certain PS3 models, making me wonder if it's possible to burn them to BD-R for longer lifespan than a digital copy. What I'm wondering is if anyone is aware of the steps or procedures regarding burning an .ISO PS2 file to disc, and whether that disc can be read by one of the PS3 models with backwards disc compatibility. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond!

Re: Physical collector question, regarding burning
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Re: Physical collector question, regarding burning
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Re: Physical collector question, regarding burning
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