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Re: Physical collector question, regarding burning

Posted by LaSamourai on .
Hey, Soulshock!
Thank you very much for replying!

As it turns out, I actually already have a burner and BDR blank discs, since I've used them for home video before. Because I'm working with a Mac, unfortunately ImgBurn doesn't seem to be applicable, but I have found other alternatives that work before as well (mostly saying this in reference to other discs I haven't backed up via .ISO form yet, but if there's a way to make it run on a Mac I'll gratefully keep that in mind for future use).

Presently I already have a .ISO of two discs in particular, being J&D and the greatest hits release of Sly 1. So creating the .ISO isn't TOO difficult an obstacle for me, and though I don't necessarily have the means to run ImgBurn there are a few alternatives that should still allow me to burn via Mac (worst comes to worse, if it's possible to make it work via Wine bottling, I'm willing to give that a shot as well).

To answer your question, I don't PRESENTLY own a PS2 or PS3, but did in the past (family belonging, they since sold both). I'm intending to actually track one down, for long term use, and was looking at trying to find a 60 GB CECHA model since I know those ones were capable of reading/playing PS2 discs. Not as worried about this problem for my backups of PS1 games, since I'm aware PS3s have universal backward compatibility for that (though if burning them to disc is a different issue than doing so for PS2 games, feel free to let me know). If there's any informative question I failed to answer, that would help you to better assist my endeavor, I'm happy to answer it!

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Hello friend, I only stop in here occasionally please be patient but little doubt you'll appreciate my advice and instruction, i am quite experienced on this subject and i can walk you through just what to do.

Keeping it simple, My best instruction for you would be to give the 2 best solutions for both your desires.
please bare in mind your proposed solutions for playing vs storing are not
all applicable in the way you suggested but trust that I have just the solution for you and you will see why by the end if you bare with me.

Firstly, to future proof your ps2 discs using BDR disc storage solution. lets complete this please.

please procure the following

25GB BDR Blank discs
BDR READ/WRITE DRIVE (blu ray disc burner)

download and install the following program files
7z1900-x64.exe (7-zip)

at this point you will be ready to store and preserve around 20 of your ps2 games per blu ray for purposes of personal use.
please make sure your bdr burner shows up inside imgburn program.

please reply when you have completed these steps.

now additionally, to begin on your 2nd issue, playing the backed up ps2 games. please answer the following,

Do you own a ps2?
is it a fat or slim?

if it is slim is it a 9000 series? (glossy shell)

what model number is your ps3?

Thanks and i hope you take action!

Re: Physical collector question, regarding burning
soulshock -- 2/4/2024 6:55 am UTC