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Re: Armored Core games on PSP?

Posted by Danielle on .
In the alphabetical list, you have to scroll down and change your filters to show multiple regions. Most Armored Core PSP games in North America were digital only, so Redump does not include them and by extension the PSP Vault does not include them. However, you can still find the PS2 originals in the PS2 Vault.

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In the alphabetized list the only one that shows up is Formula Front, but when I search I can find Asian localizations of AC3 and AC Last Raven, but I assume those are not in English? I didn't see Silent Line: Armored Core at all. They also don't show up on the list of 'missing' titles.

I tried to post this earlier and don't see it on the board now, sorry if it's going through twice.

Re: Armored Core games on PSP?
kbon -- 2/2/2024 2:50 am UTC
Re: Armored Core games on PSP?
Danielle -- 2/2/2024 5:32 am UTC