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Re: Brave Fencer Musashi issues

Posted by Danielle on .
Have you tried DuckStation? PCSX2's support for PS1 games has always been iffy, and while better, ePSXe has definitely fallen behind other emulators.

In reply to: Brave Fencer Musashi issues posted by Duraeus_Entenu on .
So I've tried downloading the game, and I've successfully extracted it, but whether i try it on PCSXX2 (whatever it is, the ps2 emulator), or ePSXe (I've got the official BIOS installed, don't worry), but it keeps doing this thing when I load it where it'll show the official Sony Playstation logo, then flash the Squaresoft logo, then fades to black like it's supposed to, but then it just stays black. Nothing. I've tried tweaking the graphics settings a little, but it doens't do anything. Not sure wha tI'm doing wrong.

Re: Brave Fencer Musashi issues
Duraeus_Entenu -- 2/2/2024 2:11 am UTC
Re: Brave Fencer Musashi issues
Danielle -- 2/2/2024 5:28 am UTC