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Re: question about hard drive storage

Posted by Danielle on .
You can comfortably fit every non-disc system up to the DS in less than one TB. The disc-based systems are where it gets tricky since discs can hold so much data and it's still difficult to compress due to the vast amount of CD-quality audio that's been included since the days of the PlayStation. For disc games, unless you want to try your hand at making a Vimm-level server full of them, you should stick to a curated selection rather than a complete library for now.

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I am looking at how much space I need for storage. I am wondering if someone has already done the math, not speculation, of how much storage is needed to store all games for each console. I am not looking to download all games, just looking for numbers for peace of mind.

Re: question about hard drive storage
FaithfulNerd -- 2/3/2024 12:52 am UTC