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Posted by Danielle on .
The storage and the Windows license are two spots where you can easily downgrade. You don't need 20 TB unless you absolutely have to have a huge library of disc-based games on hand at all times, and you don't need Windows for emulation, any Linux distro can handle emulation perfectly fine. Scrap the sound card as well, that's really only necessary if you're thinking about doing some kind of music production or high-quality streaming with the system. You can drop the cooler and just use the stock cooler that comes with the CPU. The GPU/CPU is newer than needed if you only want to go up to sixth-gen consoles, I have an RX 550 and an i5-9400 and I can run sixth-gen and even seventh-gen without any issues.

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I am planning on building a PC to run retro game emulators, PS2/GameCube and older. I came up with a build, linked below. is there any spot in this build that I can downgrade parts to make it cheaper and still run these emulators and games without issue? I also included my reddit post incase yall wanted to comment there.
thank you for all the help.



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