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Re: Physical collector question, regarding burning

Posted by soulshock on .
Greetings LaSamourai,

Thanks for the information, I haven't forgotten! Lets proceed,

1.Regarding storage the backups of ps2 discs in .iso file format.
Taking into account your software access, imgburn won't be neccessary here but i trust you can as you say utilize compatible software on Mac OS.

The following procedure for storing the .iso's

1.Run a file compression software on the .iso files in order to reduce the file size of the .iso's for storage
2.arrange the compressed files into a folder to adequately fill all of the available storage space on the 25gb BDR disc.
3.Use the disc burning software to write that folder to the BDR disc at the lowest write speed possible like 1x for example. (for a superior burn quality)
4.remove and store the up to 20 compressed ps2 games in a cool, dry, dark, place!

Please bare in mind that burning above files to BDR disc is for storage purposes only whereby you can not play the ps2 games off of the BDR but rather can utilize the BDR long life capability that you had mentioned to preserve your game for private data preservation purposes.

now before addressing your the next solution i will briefly mention that A ps3 can not play burned ps2 games off of a BDR whether it is Stock Or Softmodded regardless of if ps2 format is .iso or compressed.
this is one of the reasons why the best solution for your desire needs to be split up into 2 solutions. And that should take care of the first taking into account that you are as you say able to procure the .iso files of the desired game backup of your ps2 collection.

on to continuing solution 2 playing your successfully preserved ps2 games!

The solution here will depend on what console you choose or are able to procure.
If you have since obtained either a ps2 or a ps3, regardless of my recommendation,
please provide the model type and the model number. its important for obtaining the solution!

My recommendation, as you are interested in the 60 GB CECHA model I will inform you that it will accomplish the solution of native ps2 support however only for oem discs, it would need to be softmodded in order to play backups of any type.
which i can help you in doing!

However, regarding the best way to play the ps2 games on native hardware. I would not actually recommend using a ps3. there are multiple reasons but being as brief as possible.
Using a ps2, preferably a fat model, will allow for native integrated upscaling of ps2 games of up to 1080i and 1080p on modern hd resolution tv's
using a simple freemcboot memory card with gsm program installed.
which i can also help you accomplish and can confirm is the simplest quickest most affordable and ultimately best way to play ps2 games on native hardware.
the ps3 even first model is stuck outputing the games at the depressing dark and muddy 480i and 480p resolutions, softmodded or not.
additionally the ps2 is capable of playing ps2 game backups burned onto dvd-r's whereas the ps3's are not capable of that.
if you have a fat ps2 you can also easily install a hdd or ssd and play ps2 games at lighting fast load speed if you so desire aswell as ps2 games that are above 4.7gb. you can also still play your ps1 discs of course.

lastly bare in mind that i do own ps3's and they are amazing and i play ps3 games on them.
however i can definitively confirm that without fail the ps2 is the way I play ps2 games because the graphical fidelity is better and i have found that there is also little or no performance increase using a ps3 for ps2 games native or softwarewise.

I can understand the want of a all in one console so please still do as you wish now that you have been informed on the applicable data.

So! model's matter and ps3's are more complicated so if we go that route any fat ps3 will do, some ps3 models will not work so let me know the model number and type if it is a ps3 slim or super slim before you purchase.

ps2, any ps2 will do but try to avoid the 9000 slim series because of unspecified reason and any fat model is a great choice.

Cheers and happy hunting! please respond with any questions and i hope to hear from you with good news!


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Hey, Soulshock!
Thank you very much for replying!

As it turns out, I actually already have a burner and BDR blank discs, since I've used them for home video before. Because I'm working with a Mac, unfortunately ImgBurn doesn't seem to be applicable, but I have found other alternatives that work before as well (mostly saying this in reference to other discs I haven't backed up via .ISO form yet, but if there's a way to make it run on a Mac I'll gratefully keep that in mind for future use).

Presently I already have a .ISO of two discs in particular, being J&D and the greatest hits release of Sly 1. So creating the .ISO isn't TOO difficult an obstacle for me, and though I don't necessarily have the means to run ImgBurn there are a few alternatives that should still allow me to burn via Mac (worst comes to worse, if it's possible to make it work via Wine bottling, I'm willing to give that a shot as well).

To answer your question, I don't PRESENTLY own a PS2 or PS3, but did in the past (family belonging, they since sold both). I'm intending to actually track one down, for long term use, and was looking at trying to find a 60 GB CECHA model since I know those ones were capable of reading/playing PS2 discs. Not as worried about this problem for my backups of PS1 games, since I'm aware PS3s have universal backward compatibility for that (though if burning them to disc is a different issue than doing so for PS2 games, feel free to let me know). If there's any informative question I failed to answer, that would help you to better assist my endeavor, I'm happy to answer it!