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Re: pc that meets min specs for PCSX2?

Posted by IlikeFruits on .
Emulating regularly depends more on optimization rather than "raw power". I've learned that by experience.

Couple of months ago I bought a low specs pc just for PCSX2, basically.
4 Cores at 1.8 GHz I believe. 4 threads; 16 GB RAM. Off course, integrated graphics with just 16 EUs.
Single thread performance is close to 2000.

That has proven to be enough to run both God of War I & II at 720p flawlessly until the end, those are 8GB ROMS each.
Same thing for San Andreas and Vice City, 720p no problems but GTA III is basically unplayable because at any given moment it would drop fps drastically.
I'll say that San Andreas has more to render than GTA III, but that's the one unplayable.

A lot of games, especially sports or fighting ones can go up to 1080p without problems.

If you want to play it safe. you can go for a cheap mini pc with 6 cores, 12 threads or 8 cores, 16 threads, that's between 230-290 USD.
But been sure every single game will play flawlessly without tweaking here and there... I don't think that's possible, sometimes with emulator's updates... they fix something while breaking another one...

In reply to: pc that meets min specs for PCSX2? posted by FaithfulNerd on .
Would a pc that meets the minimum "heavy" specs, listed below, for PCSX2 be able to run all ps2 games without issue?

PassMark single thread performance rating near or greater than 2600

PassMark G3D Mark rating around 6000