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Re: PC build help with reddit post

Posted by IlikeFruits on .
Honestly for PS2 and GameCube, you don't need to build a pc, a mid-range mini pc between 230 and 290 USD will be perfectly capable to run most games.

If it can't it has more to do with optimization of that particular game rather than the pc not been able to handle it.

Something with 6 cores, 12 threads or 8 cores, 16 threads, 16 GB RAM and an integrated graphics with at least 24 EUs will be fine.

In reply to: PC build help with reddit post posted by FaithfulNerd on .
I am planning on building a PC to run retro game emulators, PS2/GameCube and older. I came up with a build, linked below. is there any spot in this build that I can downgrade parts to make it cheaper and still run these emulators and games without issue? I also included my reddit post incase yall wanted to comment there.
thank you for all the help.