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Re: Manuals for non-english languages

Posted by Gunoshozo on .
When you are browsing the Manual project section it shows all uploaded manuals, manuals do not override each other. Here for example my mgs4 manuals, those are two different manuals for 2 different versions of a game v1 and v2 both from EU copies.
I think The Vault section will need an UI improvement to account for multiple manuals, currently it links to only one manual.
Personally, I believe you should upload manual even if it's non-english, the more manuals there are the better.

In reply to: Manuals for non-english languages posted by dalleomite on .
Good morning. I have uploaded the manual for the PAL French version of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii.
Problem is, the PAL version encompasses 5 different languages, for 5 different countries and each one of them has their own manual.
I couldn't choose what language to put it under, so the PAL version now only has the French manual available.
I feel like it should be possible to add multiple manuals, one for each language for the PAL games. Either that or clarify whether non-english game manuals are allowed or not