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Re: GC/Wii format type?

Posted by FaithfulNerd on .
with that being said I'll just use .rvz files for both GC and Wii to make things simpler

In reply to: Re: GC/Wii format type? posted by IlikeFruits on .
I don't think so if you're planning to emulate using Dolphin. I believe the main difference is that .ciso works for the original console and Dolphin, nkit something just for the GameCube and .rvz just works on Dolphin.

Using .rvz sometimes saves you some space, sometimes just a little, sometimes a lot but always make sure to compare the unzip size to give you a slight idea. Because sometimes .rvz is actually of a bigger size than .ciso. That happened to me more than a few times with Wii roms.