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Re: Praise to Vimm and the Comunity

Posted by Homicide on .
I completely missed that, which is kinda crazy considering the place predates the ps3 O_o

" Parts from Japan. Assembled in Mexico. Made in America."

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I know this is an odd post to make but I want to say how excited this community makes me for the future. I've been using the lair for years but never made an account My first start into the world of emulation was that of most kids who pirate things, I wanted to play a game for a console I couldn't get. I believe it was some Pokemon game I first got off here. But as I've grown older I've come to realize just how important preservation is. It has slowly turned me into an obsessed data hoarder who brings up the Library of Alexandria too much. And it is scary. That the games you once played may be lost forever. Until today when I saw something that brought so much more hope into the equation. I saw on Reddit someone playing a game using a PS3 emulator, and it looked great. I remember years ago when PS3 emulation was quite literally thought to be impossible or was gonna require so much work to create it was gonna be virtually impossible but now it's here and that hard work has been done and is still being done. In my excitement, I came to the lair to look at some PS3 games and think about what I may play if I ever do decide to run the emulator, and the first message I see is that as of the 13th yall have already archived every known PS3. That insane. and I felt that hope again for the future of data preservation. I hope to be a little more active and I plan to also put some work into helping preserve things more than I have and just want to sing praise and thanks to Vimm and this community and the Emulation community as a whole for the amazing work that's being done.