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Re: version differences?

Posted by Danielle on .
There's no website that tracks and describes every single version difference out there, but The Cutting Room Floor Wiki ( has a lot of good information on that front. The version numbers just come from the games themselves, and back in those days developers were unlikely to even tell consumers that a new version of the game came out, let alone offer patch notes. As for cheat codes, that depends on how much they changed between versions. Those kinds of cheat codes work by altering memory at certain addresses, and if the memory layout changes between versions, then it might break the cheat code. However, when that's the case the cheat code author will usually provide different versions of the cheat code depending on the version of the game.

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I have noticed that most games have 2 different versions, like 1.0/1.1 or 1.01/2.01. what are the differences between the versions? and if i wanted to use cheat codes, like gameshark/action replay/codebreaker, does it matter what version of the game i download?

Re: version differences?
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Re: version differences?
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