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Posted by IlikeFruits on .
It could although I don't think it's going to happen, this site has been running since 1997.

Emulation is perfectly legal, downloading roms for games you do not own is not; however depending on the jurisdiction you are on, it is more likely that it acts as alegal or even legal if is done under the preservation cause. Specially if those roms are for games that are not commercially available and where released for already discontinued systems. Even though currently games do not enter public domain after been discontinued.

This is probably a cease and desist warning by Nintendo of America, they really like to start absurd lawsuits that do not protect their commercial rights, instead they somehow think that limiting the access for older discontinued products will boost their current offers.

In other words: they block older games that are not been offered, thinking that people will be forced to pay 60USD for an already 5 years old game for the Switch, which is already a technically inferior console of this generation.

In spanish gaming forums there is a phrase that goes somehow like "Piratear a Nintendo es moralmente correcto" (Pirating Nintendo games is morally correct).
They go so far that on their website for America, under the Intellectual Property & Piracy FAQ, they straigh up misinform about customers rights that are already been protected by law, by making shady interpretations of acts.

Back in the day my best friend lost a lot of money she spent on Wii, DS and 3DS due to their policies regarding the ownership of digital copies, and due to Nintendo preventing her from conservating what she bought. Sony did the same for me to a lesser extend so... we are emulating.

My best advices is to start buying storage and start downloading like crazy just in case. I do that... and I won't be buying from Nintendo any time soon.

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Yall see what happened over there? It won't happen to the Lair would it?

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