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The PS3 Vault is not complete

Posted by CobaltAkaJames on .
I'm putting this here because I've no idea where else to post this to bring this to attention. The PS3 vault has been announced as complete with every known game, but I know of at least one game that it is missing. PAIN (yes, that's really the name. Here's a link to a Wikipedia page about the game, if you haven't heard of it and don't believe me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pain_(video_game) ). It's a game I have been hoping for ages would be added to the vault, but it's still yet to ever be added and now the vault is considered complete with every known PS3 game (it'd be one thing if it were announced as every known ATTAINABLE PS3 game has been added, because I can understand if for one reason or another a copy of the game just can't be obtained to be uploaded to the vault)

Re: The PS3 Vault is not complete
Danielle -- 2/17/2024 12:05 am UTC