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Re: Issues while transfering files from F HDD to D

Posted by IlikeFruits on .
typo at the title:
...from E SSD to F HDD

In reply to: Issues while transfering files from F HDD to D SSD posted by IlikeFruits on .
Hello there.

I have a main 512 GB NVMe with 2 partitions: C for Windows and D for everything else.

Then I added a 512 GB SSD located at E.

I also use a 512 GB HDD located at F through USB 3.0

When I try to transfer files from E to F, the transfer stops at 355kb/s or even 0 bytes, almost about to finish the process and it makes my pc go crazy: storage is not responding, pc doesn't want to restart nor shut down... that problem can persist even if I force a shut down (shouldn't be doing that, fried a laptop couple of weeks ago by doing that)

Only solution so far is to transfer anything first from either D or E to the C, then to F.

But I would like to know what's going on.
Haven't found a clear answer on Google.