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Re: A7800 Emulator Problem - Not Found in FAQ/Read

Posted by Danielle on .
Sorry about my other post, I misread the Emulation Lair. Stella is properly listed as a 2600 emulator, not a 7800 emulator.

My link will still work as a list of 7800 emulators that you can try.

In reply to: A7800 Emulator Problem - Not Found in FAQ/Readme posted by RadCaz on .
I downloaded a a couple of 7800 games... I followed all the directions but the .A78 game files won't load. I wish I could upload a screenshot but I keep getting a message saying something about missing this or that. I tried 4 other emulators and nothing seems to work. MAME can play them I think, but configuring it to do so leaves me scratching my head.
Anyone have any problems with the A7800 emulator offered in the Lair? The problem is on my end, but I'm outta ideas. Hit TAB, load cartridge, select unzipped ROM... nada.