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Re: Should I be worry about this site shutting dow

Posted by IlikeFruits on .
Start downloading Ryujinx just in case.

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Short answer:
Don't worry but if you can... buy storage and download like crazy.

Long answer:
Emulation is perfectly legal, downloading roms for games you do not own is not; however depending on the jurisdiction you are on, it is more likely that it acts as alegal or even legal if is done under the preservation cause.
Specially if those roms are for games that are not commercially available and where released for already discontinued systems. Even though currently games do not enter public domain after been discontinued.

Vimm's Lair mostly does not storage roms for games that are design and currently being offer for this generation of consoles, or the previous one. Remakes and ports do not count however if I were Vimm I will block access to those games of older consoles that where ported to the Switch online, I mean those that specifically say: Switch Online

This was not the usual cease and desist warning by Nintendo of America, it was a lawsuit but accordingly to what I've search, it was settled off court, mates at Yuzu got scared and comply very quick and I can understand that.
Case could be won by Yuzu but it will had been a long fight.
2.4 millions are pennies to Nintendo, they wanted to sent a message.

You can read the entire lawsuit here:

I read the lawsuit but not every act.

I'll say this:
Back in the day my best friend lost a lot of money she spent on Wii, DS and 3DS due to their policies regarding the ownership of digital copies, and due to Nintendo preventing her from conservating what she bought. Sony did the same for me to a lesser extend so... we are emulating.

I didn't have any interest on the Switch but I did download a copy of Yuzu about a month ago just out of curiosity to see what people are doing with that, now with this move by Nintendo I'm looking for a new pc to emulate Switch :)

My best advices is to start buying storage and start downloading like crazy just in case. I do that... and I won't be buying from Nintendo any time soon. A portable SSD 512GB SSD cost about 40 USD, that can storage a lot of old games, an SSD and a enclosure for it will costs about the same.