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Re: Now what?

Posted by IlikeFruits on .
I don't think Vimm's Lair is at risk at this point because this site has been running since 1997 and oh boy I will bet Nintendo has it under the radar from a long time ago however Vimm comply very quickly went a company ask to remove some games.

Sony requested The Last of Us for the PS3 to be removed and Vimm did it.

Very recently Rockstar requested San Andreas NTSC for the PS2 to be removed and Vimm did it.

As Nate said, download while you can, a 512 GB SSD cost about 40USD, same price if you need to add enclosures to it... almost same price for an NVME.
512 GB can storage a lot of old games.

I keep buying storage, downloading and classifying games and I try to be active on this forum to support the project, also I let ads to be shown.

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so you think vimmslair might also be under attack soon?

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