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Posted by Danielle on .
People were blabbing about emulation because it was reasonably assumed that emulation was protected under the law due to strong precedent. Nintendo probably would have lost the lawsuit had they gone to court, although it's reasonable to say the Yuzu/Citra team had good reasons not to take it to court, and losing only two emulators instead of risking new precedent that could threaten emulation in general is probably a good trade in the grand scheme of things.

What we really need is legislation that explicitly protects emulation and archival. Consumers need to have the right to not just run programs on any hardware we so choose, but also decode it, duplicate it, and transfer it to other mediums for personal use. Just because Nintendo or whoever made the game doesn't mean they should be able to control how we play the game or what medium we store the game on. If these rights were codified in law, then lawsuits like this one could be easily dismissed.

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The scene has been through things like this before. It isn't the end of the world. I guess no one was around when Megaupload got taken down back in 2012 and some other file hosting services like (The original) Rapidshare which was going downhill before it shutdown anyway. We lost a lot of ISOs and other games when that happened since everyone depended on it. I remember when everyone was pissed that they could not get their own files and backups off of there that they uploaded after that happened.

Oh and by the way, Nintendo didn't threaten Vale, Vale asked Nintendo permission for Dolphin to be on steam and they said no. I have no idea why on earth would one attempt to put it on steam of all places. All this overexposer of emulators is one of the big things that lead to all of this trouble to begin with. I remember back then when people didn't go around blabbing about emulating games to randoms out there which is dumb to me plus it was more taboo back then anyway to do so. I heard people on places like twitter bragging about playing switch games on their PC to angry hardcore Nintendo fans who don't like to hear about people pirating Nintendo games. Reemember, lockpick_PCM was reported to Nintendo by one of these crazed fans who bragged about it getting taken down on twitter to help stop pirates from playing TOTK early. Why is it a shock they were going to get looked into? I bet many people were reporting Yuzu this and Yuzu that to Nintendo on a regular basis I imagine, though this is all speculation on my part since Nintendo very likely has been waiting for the right moment to strike at them by using the circumvention argument which is a no-no thanks to the DCMA along other allegations that were seen on the lawsuit doc.

I mean, its going to be alright. We will move on like always. I been on the internet long enough to see crap like this happen time and time again. This is just apart of the cycle of things. That is all I have to say.

Re: Now what?
aitchk1 -- 3/9/2024 9:48 pm UTC