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Posted by Lawrence hart on .
Thank you for your reply. I will look into that link. I’m just looking to play Gen 1 blue,red,yellow. I may just end up buying the handhelds on Amazon too be safe

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Hello there.

Are you looking to play Pokémon games for which system?

I will advice you to get one of those cheap handheld emulator devices from Amazon or just other stores, they are between 50-150 USD depending on what you want to play, but a lot of them are really good for the prices.

However if you do want to play on your iPhone without carrying more stuff:
Heres an official tutorial to play Gameboy on iOS, VisualBoyAdvance I'll say is pretty safe, they are open source and had been around for a really long time:

DeSmuME emulates Nintendo DS and you can do it within the Safari Browser: