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Re: Now what?

Posted by aitchk1 on .
Even if N owns the legal rights to the emulator code (and will torch people forking or deriving from it), there's lots of smart people, unlike before.

They'll figure out the pieces and recreate it. Maybe after the Switch gets buried though.

What I wonder is: there's countries that allow drm-breaking (France). If the new emulators are created in a legal-friendly zone, can companies go after them as easily?

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So now that Citra is dead because idiots who don't know how emulation works ruined it for everyone by downloading TOTK a week early and Yuzu who owned Citra profitted off of it, how are we going to preserve the 3DS when the Switch 2 supposedly releases next year?

Re: Now what?
DerpySnake -- 3/10/2024 2:59 pm UTC