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Re: I have a X360 game that's not in the vault

Posted by Danielle on .
If you want it in the vault, you have to submit it to Redump first. Once Redump confirms that this is a unique variant of the game and that the rip is clean, they will add it to their database, and the Vault will add a new missing game entry for the title where you can upload your rip.

In reply to: I have a X360 game that's not in the vault posted by ojed4r on .
Hi! I managed to find an ISO of a 360 game that is not yet on the vault and it isn't either one of the missing games from the list. I'm talking about the Mexican version of "Gears of War 3" which is unique in that it has a Latin American dub that isn't available in any other version. However, this game has no ripping info on Redump since it's almost impossible to get this version, the CRC32 of the game is: A5AA9688

I tested it on Xenia and it works well, so I'd like to know if I can add it to the vault since it's hard to get a working copy of this particular version.