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Re: Regarding online emulation iOS

Posted by Danielle on .
I've never tried the browser emulator on iOS, but on my PC it runs quite slow even though regular standalone DS emulators run fine. You would probably have better results sideloading a native DS emulator for iOS and running the games through that if that's an option for you.

In reply to: Regarding online emulation iOS posted by TraphouseGamer on .
Hello, I just re-found this website after God knows how many years but after browsing for a little bit, I remembered this name and I’ve been checking out the online emulation and loving it. I’ve had basically zero issue with older consoles up to about the 16 bid error so 32 bit, but while trying the Nintendo DS games I have not been able to get one to fully booted up and it loads the bios. OK It downloads the game it everything and then I believe goes black or nothing works. I’ve tried a few Pokémon games and wonder if anyone has had this issue with iOS or if anyone has any advice regarding these online emulators on iOS