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Re: is vimm lair piracy

Posted by zombie23470 on .
short answer: yes
Long answer: who cares, i'm here to play some fun games that I don't want to spent 200 dollars to play on my wii in my living room. if you are scared of the consequences of downloading a 1 mb rom of mario brothers, don't be, you going to be okay. if you don't like the idea of downloading old games from the past then there some options to play the popular ones on steam or console storefronts, but keep in mind they want money, not the best way to archive these classics or trash from the past. they don't care about you, they only care about that dollar in your wallet and it up to you how you want to spent it.

"New mario game helps the pain *cry no new wario land this year*"

In reply to: is vimm lair piracy posted by andrew071117 on .
hi i need to know if vimm lair is piracy