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Re: is vimm lair piracy

Posted by IlikeFruits on .
I've read other people's answers to this, and I don't recall an actual legal response, so here is one (partially).

Just read me out here:

General answer: it depends (yep, that's a legal response).

It is piracy in the sense that, from our end, we are using or reproducing another's work without explicit authorization.

At the same time, it is not piracy in the sense that there is no current commercial or monetary interest from the righteous owners and for an act to be declared as a crime, three (3) basic concepts need to be configured: one of them being the demonstration that another person's action has caused damage to your rights, and no studio or publisher can demostrate that because they are not selling the game no matter what Nintendo says or how they interpret law to their advantage.

For example, I remember reading an EULA agreement from Ubisoft (don't recall if that was for a specific game or Ubisoft Connect) where they stated that on the suspicion of unauthorized use of their software, Ubisoft could independently seek and search your home for evidence. In the least legal sense... that's BS.
A company can put whatever they want on a license or agreement. That doesn't mean they are granted a right above law just because you signed it.

Finally... as I've said before, if this is plain piracy, then what Sony and Nintendo did for me and my best friend a few years ago was a straight scam, because we paid for something they sold us and them, they prevented us from keeping it, not only that, but they completely removed the evidence of those transactions.
So if they robbed me 20 purchased games, I'm pirating 100 of their games.

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hi i need to know if vimm lair is piracy

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