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New Here, Unzipping VS Opening and Dragging

Posted by TMade on .
System: Other

New to emulation but been having a lot of fun lately!
Quick General question: If I open the zip file and drag the ISO to my game directory, does that work just as well as unzipping and dragging to the directory?

I did it both ways and can't notice much of a difference.
I DID notice that for Dolphin I can stream on discord no problem (unzipped and dragged ISOs). But for Project64, the screen stutters and rapidly flips vertically when I try to stream but not when I don't stream (didn't unzip / just opened zip file and dragged to directory).

Thank you!

Re: New Here, Unzipping VS Opening and Dragging
Danielle -- 3/21/2024 5:57 am UTC